Announcement by SNB Capital Company regarding the details of non- fundamental changes to AlAhli REIT (1)

Published: 08 Aug 2023

SNB Capital Company announces the approval of the Fund’s Board of Directors of a non-fundamental change to AlAhli REIT (1); such change will become effective on (06/2/1445 H), corresponding to (22/08/2023 G). The details of the non-fundamental change are as follows: Amending Paragraph (1) of Subparagraph (b) of Paragraph (13) of the Fund Terms and Conditions “Valuing the Fund’s Assets” and wherever mentioned in the Fund’s Terms and Conditions and amending Subparagraphs (d), (f) of Paragraph (5) of the Terms and Conditions Fund “Summary of Fund Strategies” and update of Appendix (2) of the Fund’s Terms and Conditions “Fund Performance Summary”