AlAhli REIT Fund (1)

AlAhli REIT (1) is a closed Shariah-compliant Real Estate Investment Traded Fund operating in accordance with the Shariah Guidelines set by the Shariah Board. It has been incorporated in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and complies with the regulations and instructions of the Capital Market Authority.


Fund Size (book value)

One billion, three hundred seventy five million Saudi Riyals SAR (1,375,000,000


Value of Publicly Offered Units

SAR (412,500,000)


Minimum initial Subscription

Ten thousand Saudi Riyals SAR (10,000) equivalent to (1,000) Units.


Duration of the Investment Fund

The Fund’s term is ninety-nine 99 years as of the date of listing, extendable at the Fund Manager’s discretion and ...

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